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Flowers should provoke memories with the scents reminding us of certain people, places and times.


As a child dahlias were my favorite flower and still are. I would go to the local greengrocers to buy a bunch for my room. They were always tied with wool.


Being a florist is more than a job for me. I didn’t start out as one, although it was always there in the back of my mind, my plan B.   I believe you take a bit of knowledge from every job you do and my background in costume and textiles has definitely given me some skills that I use when designing floral arrangements.


Flowers play such a huge part in so many celebrations. Wedding flowers should always be personal and I will always start with your ideas when designing the flowers.


Our naturalistic designs let the flowers speak for themselves and wherever possible we use British flowers, some are even homegrown.


To get in touch or to arrange a time to come and chat flowers over tea and biscuits call Sam on 07866 754913

or email

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